KurenaiJiku (kurenaijiku@tech-base.com)
Tue, 04 Apr 2000 14:23:22 -0700

I have both the Just Communication and Rhythm & Emotion intro in Intel Video 5.1 if anybody is interested.  Also several other Gundam intros...like the pathetic Gundam X one...

From: Ray Hashman <megaman@infinet.com>
To: jmrv04@prtc.net <jmrv04@prtc.net>
Subject: Re: [gundam] GUNDAM Universes
Date: Monday, April 03, 2000 2:01 AM

  Where I can get the blasted GUNDAM WING intro??????

  I can set up a Realvideo version for you to access, along with the intro to Turn A, 8th MS, Zeta and Stardust Memories 0083
that would be great! i don't have the real media player installed right now due to lack of space (i only have a 1gb hd), but to see the intro i'll re install it. anyway, i'm in the process of getting another hd (4gb) and once i'm done i'll re-install it.
anyway, go ahead and do it. then email me to discuss how and when the transfer will occur.
thanks again,

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