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Andrew Dynon wrote:
> a Gundam (probably 1YW-era) version of the Gallipoli campaign (in
> particular, the initial landing). I need suggestions on how to create
> an "adaption" of this campaign with Gundam technology.

I think adapting Gundam technology is going to be fairly easy. The real
problem should how to fold it into the UC timeline. I agree 1YW is
perhaps the best because it's most similar to WW1/2 and it is also the
best known historical setting.

Unfortunately it doesn't really leave a lot of room if you want to use MS
on both sides, I won't go into it in depth now, but basically there aren't
a lot of time, location and spare Mobile Suit for the Feds to waste in a
military disaster. There are many ways to solve this, one of which is of
course ignore the UC timeline, but that's too drastic. I think you can
invent some room for yourself, like the way 08th MS Team invented a bunch
of early types MS and rearranged 1YW events slightly to create room for a
whole new OVA. Standard side-story trick, if Bandai can do it, what's
stopping you?

Another answer is forget about MS's for the Feds, so your new story can
happen any time between January and November. One approach is for the
Feds to develop some Anti-MS space fighters, which they throw at some Zeon
stronghold (say Solomon) around May (before or after Solomon fortification).
The failure of this invasion could then be rationalized as the committment
of the Feds to MS warfare.

Or you can do this on Earth, maybe a pre-Odessa campaign that was called
well before the time was ripe.

Who are you going to use as "expendable" Australians? Space colonists I

> For those unfamiliar with the Gallipoli campaign, here's a short overview:

Fascinating! I guess you can excuse me for not knowing this at all.
Funny Canada has almost exactly the same story in WW2:

Date: August 19, 1942
Location: Dieppe, France
Purpose: invade the Continent(!)
Duration: 9 hours
Input: 5000 Canadians, 1000 Britons, 50 Americans; under British commands
Output: 2500 returned home (1000 of them never set foot on the Continent)
         900 killed
        1650 captured

Somehow Canadian historians claim that Dieppe defined Canada as a nation
(sounds familiar?) but honestly I don't see how it works. No one outside
of Canada seem to have heard of Dieppe at all.

Anyway, I think this is a fascinating project, much better than Alien
Gundam or Mercenary Gundam if you ask me (wink wink Aaron).

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