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> I am planning on writing a Gundam fanfic for Anzac Day (April 25)
> involving a Gundam (probably 1YW-era) version of the Gallipoli campaign
> (in particular, the initial landing). I need suggestions on how to create
> "adaption" of this campaign with Gundam technology.

Not that difficult, actually. Write your story from the point of view of a GM
pilot in a Federation assault on Zeon fortification at the same stretch of
coast line. Play out the battles in the same manner, except that instead of
heavy foot and light horse forces, you use GMs and GTs vs Zakus and Goufs
with occasional Dom unit. And of course, have the Fed forces withdraw do to
their heavy losses and poor management of that campaign.

> BTW, there is a famous Australian movie called "Gallipoli" about the
> campaign - I don't know if it's been released in other countries, but if
> you can find it, it's worth watching.

Oh yes, saw this one a long time ago. Mel Gibson in his younger years. An
awesome flic now available on video, and maybe even DVD.


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