Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 4 Apr 2000 02:57:15 -0700

>>It's a joke. It's a cheaper version of the Japanese manual - you don't
>>get English translated tidbits on the mecha. Instead all you get is the
>>assembly diagrams with the Japanese text whited out, with a legends page
>>that explains the symbols/icons in English. The sheet was printed in
>>black and white as opposed to the Japanese original's full-color version.
>>Some hard work. :P
>Do you get the original color Japanese instructions too, or just the cruddy
>English version?
>Peter Savin

Dunno - the kits are being repackaged again - the first wave had the
stickers on the shrinkwrap, but now the stickers are on the box, with the
shrinkwrap over everything. My last box did not come with the Japanese
instructions in it, but I got it as an unshrinkwrapped prize, so someone
might have taken it out...


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