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> Since the Federation(Alliance) never had a serious rival during most of
> reign over the Earth Sphere, it never had the need to develop MSs. While
> MSs are first shown in UC 73, the first Mobile Suit in the AC universe
> appears 175 after space colonization, which means that they should be
> naturally smaller and weighing less due to miniaturization.

Are the space colonists compelled to emigrate out of Earth sphere in AC or
are they there by choice? That could be a difference in technological growth
right there.
> Another thing that most likely added to this was the fact that Beam
> were most likely invented in the AC universe before MS, since Beam based
> weaponry is quite common at the start of the series.

You mean miniaturized beam weapons right? The UC ships were covered with
beam guns. I think it was a ship class beam gun small enough to be carried
by an MS that the Zeons found so impressive. They were only beginning to
think of such things and the Fed was supposed to be ten years behind Zeon in
general technology as far as most things go...

> While the MSs in the early years of the Universal Century had pretty
> armor, the advent of Beam Weapons changed all this. With its "Hot Knife
> through butter" effect(I copied that off Mekton Zeta ;) ), Beam Weapons
> effectively lowered the practicability of having heavy armor on MSs,
> the only alloy strong enough to withstand a direct hit from a Beam Rifle
> a Lunar Titanium(Gundamium) based one. Now in order to counter the

Well I'm not sure a gundarium armored MS of UC would do so well under a UC
beam rifle hit.That's why most of them carried a shield or beam shield. If
it's a direct hit to center body I think the suit is probably toast. Ditto
most Mobile Armors which is why so many of them lugged around I-Field
barriers. I think you are right that suits traded armor(weight anyway but
not necessarily protection) for thrust and eventually went to optimized
forms that supported acceleration (the VMS and VMSAWRS), close combat(the O)
or extreme degrees of remote fire power (Queb Elly, Jagd Doga).

In AC Gundarium/Gandanium appears way way way tougher than the stuff in UC
and apparently radar invisible(the minovsky particle like effect that
justifies suits with beam sabres and such). They just hammer the snot out of
the Gundams with just about everything including huge beam cannons that
appear to have UC Mobile Armor like output and the Gundams keep slugging
along like a battleship from Star Blazers.

It took several shots for Troa to damage the Gundam Death Scythe enough to
satisfy his temporary OZ commanders with a huge Beam Cannon borrowed from a
Taurus. Those things are real real tough.
RX-78-2 in contrast melted down under fire from the Zeong's head module
losing all but the main torso and core block system.

> of beam weapons, there are basically two options. One is to raise the
> of armor to the point where it'll be able to withstand multiple Rifle
> or on the hand, take out armor as much as possible and increase overall
> thrust.

Xeku Zwie Vs. Hyaku Shiki eh?

> Given how the former option is much too expensive for any large scale
> production, we see a gradual change from Heavy Armor, which reigned from
> 0079-0093, to the lighter, agile suits we see in F91 and Victory Gundam
> 123-153).

I think that was also due to miniaturization too. You could put more suits
in a hangar and get them through smaller doorways and use less energy
getting them to move around but keep huge proportions of the relative
strength of the larger suits. It makes plenty of sense really.
> If we take this into account, then it makes sense for the MS in Wing
> to use as little armor as possible. This explains why the Gundams used
> Gundam Wing seem so much more powerful than their mass-produced
> counterparts, and it helps to explain it's light weight.

Leo's blow up a lot harder than zaku's and Doms do don't they? They blow up
like a big Zam almost.

> Heck, a Javelin in UC153 weighed 8.7 tons...7.0 tons for a Leo model
> seem that far fetched given the extra time they had to increase their
> levels...

Leo's seem to be pretty weak by design (for the show) I don't think they'd
be shown to do all that well against convential modern day weapons much less
futuristic stuff. They are death traps. But to a guy in a Jeep with a rocket
launcher they are pretty terrifying.

I think Leo's were low-bid easy-maintennace/ simple to operate models.
They are probably significantly under-spec compared to the GM's launched
from Jaburo in MS Gundam II yet they are armed like Zaku's with large
machine cannon and beam rifles for the space type.

The fire support suits are a bit tougher from what I've seen, the agility
belongs to the Aries, the fire power and stealth(by sub surface travel) to
the Cancer, and the high performance niche is filled by Taurus.

TallGeese is for all practical purposes a Gundam if a very early non
specialized one.

I haven't seen the Serpent in action yet or the Mercurious or Vayeate so I
can't comment on them. I did see the Vayeate try to cook the Mercurious in
last week's last episode but that was about it.


> Heh. What do you think? Feel free to poke holes into it ^^.
> WooJin Lee woojin@rpgfan.com

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