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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Char Aznable wrote:
> > speaking about Gundam games, I want this one. I think it's a simulator.
> I haven't played the full game, but there is a demo on this months issue of the
> official dreamcast magazine disc.
> It seems to be the best gundam action game on any platform! They took the best
> qualities from the Blue Destiny games on Saturn, and significantly improved many
> of them! for once you really get the "feeling" of piloting an MS! Its pretty fun
> just to stomp around blowing up: cars, trees, light posts, and buildings, with
> your head Vulcans. ^_^
> Anybody know how many missions there are? There had better be more than five!
> that was my biggest gripe with Blue Destiny.
> ---Brett Jensen

You can find out all you need to know about the game (eg replay value etc) by
checking out the reviews/opinions some of us posted quite recently.

Here is the link to the February archive

Here is my review


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