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Protoculture Addicts is one of the best English langauge anime mags
around. Because it alone goes into some depth beneath the news of the
month. The Go Nagai issue is one of the most concise and useful reference
on my bookshelf.

For all the Wing fans, I really recommend finding issue #59 (Jan/Feb
2000), with spotlight on Gundam, specificly 22 pages on Gundam Wing,
Endless Waltz and 08th MS Team. Plus 2 more pages of reviews on (not so
new) Gundam models. There's overview/review, characters intro, mecha
files (with linearts) and episode synopses (guess what, they cite Gundam
Project! as one of the references), for all three series. For $5, this is
pretty much the starting point reference material a casual fan will need.

It seems issue #60 isn't out yet, so it should still be on store shelf.
If you can't find it, try:

[oh, yes, Protoculture Addicts is a Canadian mag, but it's still pretty

Oh, before someone else jump me on this, I do notice that the writers
editors at Protoculture aren't your usual Gundam gurus. And personally I
can do without their worshipping 0083. But hey, I don't write for a
living, they do.

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