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(AKA, my pathetic attempt to logically follow the technologies in the AC
universe and draw parallels to the Official timeline)

Ever since I saw Gundam Wing for the first time, back in 1996 there were a
few main things that bugged me about the whole series. One was the pastel
colors used in the anime(which I got used to) and the other main thing being
the fact that the mobile suits are VERY light.

However, now that I've given a more serious thought, it makes sense to a
certain point, and follows the technology tree used in the UC universe
rather well.

Since the Federation(Alliance) never had a serious rival during most of its
reign over the Earth Sphere, it never had the need to develop MSs. While the
MSs are first shown in UC 73, the first Mobile Suit in the AC universe
appears 175 after space colonization, which means that they should be
naturally smaller and weighing less due to miniaturization.

Another thing that most likely added to this was the fact that Beam Weapons
were most likely invented in the AC universe before MS, since Beam based
weaponry is quite common at the start of the series.

While the MSs in the early years of the Universal Century had pretty heavy
armor, the advent of Beam Weapons changed all this. With its "Hot Knife
through butter" effect(I copied that off Mekton Zeta ;) ), Beam Weapons
effectively lowered the practicability of having heavy armor on MSs, since
the only alloy strong enough to withstand a direct hit from a Beam Rifle is
a Lunar Titanium(Gundamium) based one. Now in order to counter the affect
of beam weapons, there are basically two options. One is to raise the amount
of armor to the point where it'll be able to withstand multiple Rifle shots,
or on the hand, take out armor as much as possible and increase overall

Given how the former option is much too expensive for any large scale mass
production, we see a gradual change from Heavy Armor, which reigned from
0079-0093, to the lighter, agile suits we see in F91 and Victory Gundam (UC

If we take this into account, then it makes sense for the MS in Wing Gundam
to use as little armor as possible. This explains why the Gundams used in
Gundam Wing seem so much more powerful than their mass-produced
counterparts, and it helps to explain it's light weight.

Heck, a Javelin in UC153 weighed 8.7 tons...7.0 tons for a Leo model doesn't
seem that far fetched given the extra time they had to increase their tech

Heh. What do you think? Feel free to poke holes into it ^^.

WooJin Lee woojin@rpgfan.com
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