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> hehe...hey, if you want and can find someone to host a mirror site for
> Gundam Century I'd be happy to work something out with you. There have
> been a lot of complaints about slow downloads...afterall, GC's site is
> being hosted by Gamespot Germany right now so there's only one server
> technically catering to people's needs. When one has people from around
> the world trying to download it at the same time, it doesn't help. :)

hey, this is a nice offer. I've been planning on putting up a Gundam
website for some time now and this would be a great addition to my site, if
I can find a good server to put the file in. I just don't get around to
making the web site because being a web developer by day kinda makes me want
to do other things in my free time, like play video make make Gundam models

> I liked CCA more so than Zeta Gundam as the latter didn't feel "right".
> Though I was sorta impressed by the fact that it felt more like the
> suit was floating/flying around rather than the kinda linear control
> in CCA. Gamespot bashed Diablo 2 so don't always listen to them..even
> though they are my host. :)

yeah, there are times they trash games that are actually quite good.
now that Rise from the Ashes is coming out for DC, I think I want one, but I
wouldn't want to spend again for a DC, well, even is I want to, I can't =)

any possibilites a PSX or PC version for that?

> Yeah I was thinking Quake at one time. Still, there are several engines
> can pick from...I'll have to take the best one. But I don't want to make
> another "Shogo" you know what I mean?

I didn't get around to playing Shogo, although it is a FPS mecha game, I
thought it might lack the quality I was looking for, I was hoping for a
Gundam or Macross type of game

> Actually Bill Gates' neck is on the line right now with the anti trust
> court case. I heard the judges are reaching the final verdict and let's
> just say for him, it doesn't look good. Nasdaq's stocks including MS'
> stocks are plummeting like nuts and Bill Gates is biting his nails.

yeah, poor him, it's not his fault he outsmarted anyone. maybe in the near
future Bill Gates can construct his own colony in space where anti-trust
lawsuits don't exist. heheheheh.

there was also a thread in a local (Philippines) mecha mailing list where we
were talking about "what-ifs", like what if the software the the Gundams,
specifically the Wing Zero's ZERO system, were developed by Microsoft?
heheheh, Heero would change into bird mode then suddenly the ZERO system
displays the blue screen of death, "not enough memory to perform
transformation, system halted" =)

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