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>SIGH< Some guys get all the luck, I have been trying to score the Gundam,
Dougram and Dunbine games for years, but here in the US, oh well. It may
have looked rediculous, but I bet it was fun!
Enjoy thememories,
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Subject: RE: [gundam]Tsukuda Gundam Simulation board games

>I actually have the 'Fortress' Gundam simulation game (brought back from
>Japan as a gift by a beneficial Aunt), and I seem to recall it was a
>standalone game. I never actually played the thing, but it seemed to be
>the typical Japanese 'compare offensive value to defensive value and
>someone dies' type of game. I also had a Macross 'City Fight' game and
>that game was also really brutal in how easily your units would die.
>Typically one or two shots and a unit was history. It was quite a
>contrast to the US Battletech games where you would slug it for several
>hours and maybe destroy one or two mechs.
>The coolest Japanese simulation board game I've seen, though, was this
>Dougram game that my friend had. It was almost identical in terms of
>rules and gameplay to the aforementioned Gundam and Macross games, but
>the cool part about it was that it came with about 15 or so metal
>die-cast miniatures of the Dougram suits. And when you wanted to check
>whether to see you had line-of-sight to an enemy unit, you would take
>out these little periscopes to see if you could actually see the enemy!
>I can only imagine how ridiculous my friends and I must have looked
>gathered around the dining room table, hunched over these periscopes and
>arguing over what percentage of the target unit was visible behind an
>obstructing tree...
> wrote:
>> Tomonaga wrote:
>> > Looking through Yahoo Japan Auctions I found pics of the following
>> > Tsukuda Gundam Simulation games.
>> Impressive! Thanks Tet.
>> Are they interested in foreign bids? Are they all stand-alone games
>> expansion packs? Have to say, bidding with only knowledge of kanji is
>> flirting with disaster...
>Most of them don't accept foreign bids I'm afraid. Probably more a
>communication thing than not wanting to ship overseas.
>I've read brief reviews of most of the games and apart from the Z era
>'Gate of
>Zedan' they are all stand-alone games it seems.
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