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If you want 1/220 why don't you use
the Action Figures that were recently
released.. I have some of those for 0083
that were all less than 10$ a piece.


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> writes:
> > As I will soon be getting a Dendrobium, I wanted to get a 0083 era GM
> > or two, to accompany it on it's diorama sortie. So the question is,
> > does anyone out there have a 1/220 Powered GM, GM Quel, or GM Custom
> > they might be looking to part with. My first preference is the
> > Powered GM, but as I have no 1/220 0083 era GMs whatsoever, I am
> > looking around for whatever I can find at this late date.
>I have one 1/220 Powered GM, one 1/220 GM Cannon, and three 1/220 Gebera
>Tetras, all from the first run of resins. I believe that there is a new run
>that just came out for this series.
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