Mon, 3 Apr 2000 12:06:04 -0400 (EDT)

Tomonaga wrote:
> Looking through Yahoo Japan Auctions I found pics of the following
> Tsukuda Gundam Simulation games.

Impressive! Thanks Tet.

Are they interested in foreign bids? Are they all stand-alone games or
expansion packs? Have to say, bidding with only knowledge of kanji is
flirting with disaster...

They look like oldschool war games, (larger maps and many more (cardboard)
units than Bandai's Gundam Simulation, perhaps more complicated rules and
stats?), just like the Midway, Waterloo etc type of war games i played as
a teen. Oldschool war games seem kind of out of fashion these days...
Everyone is going for either Magic/Warhammer half-collectible-half-game,
or Mekton/D&D stats-crazy RPG.

Sigh... Will Gundam Simulation pops on Yahoo Japan? Still think it's the
best in ease of game play, reasonable game time (<1hr) and cool 1/550 game

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