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Well..I guess I should help you fill out some of the blanks ^^ (You knew
this was coming, right? :P)

On the menu list, under the view lists menu

7-The amount of money you get each turn by trading
9-The amount of materials you get each turn by trading

Spy Menu

2-Overall Enemy Information Level (Anywhere from E to S, I blieve)
3-Learn Enemy Movements(how many units are in each area)
4-Learn enemy development information (raise your enemy tech level)

Diplomacy Menu Part II

1-Cease Fire
2-Attack Enemy Area(you pay money for them to attack an area you both can


2-Voices on/off
7-Auto Battle on/off

Unit Summary

5-Fatigue(I think)

Overall, good job! I think I'll be buying the Complete Guide by Famitsuu
sometime soon actually..I know it has errors but It's still the best one out

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> Okay, I just put up my Giren's Greed help section on Mobile Suit Arsenal
> http://home.earthlink.net/~jboren/mecha/gundam.html
> It needs some work. I still have to put up sections on combat, but
> apart from that there are some gaps in my knowledge of this game. (it
> is all those question marks!). I still have a weak grasp on diplomacy
> and I'd like to put up some kind of flow chart or something
> concerning the special events in the game. All though I've won the
> game with both the feds and zeon, I just said yes to everything, so I
> am really in the dark about these events. Any help the Mailing list
> could provide will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> -James
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