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> aren't versatile enough to support a good RTS title; look at Starcraft
> N64...urgh...anyways, I think with the introduction of GWing into the
> western market, and if they see that it does well...they might produce a
> Gundam RTS game...or Gundam US games. Gundam Side Story 0079 proves just
> that...however, according to much of my fan mail, most Gundam games
> suck...I guess that's why Gundam Century did so well. LOL!!

yup! I have lots of friends here (in the Philippines) who loved Gundam
Century. and they're turning my PC into a file server just to download the
file because some of them have slow internet connections.

anyway, I do love the Char's Counterattack game, although it is a virtual-on
wannabe. I think the graphics is great and the game itself is quite okay.
I read a review on Gamespot about the Zeta Gundam game which is basically
the same game but with different MS and storyline (obviously =) ) and they
gave it a low score, citing one reason is the claustrophobic feel. I
laughed and said the reviewer knew nothing about Gundam because that's the
reason why they have mobile suits, for close combat.

anyway, how about a Quake TC? you'd be like inside the mobile suit and you
can blast GMs and Zakus. I like that level in the Char's Counterattack game
where you as Char fight through an army of GMs and Balls for about 2
minutes. it really gives you that "Red Commet" feel of targetting one GM,
run to it and slice it with your beam sabre, it explodes, you target the
next, then the cycle goes over and over.

I just hope more fans out there take your lead into doing projects like
this. hopefully one day Bandai/Sunrise would realize that there is a big PC
gaming market for RTS, FPS, or even simulator games and start developing for
it. or maybe Bill Gates realizes it and buys some Bandai shares and make
Windows-based games.

> To answer your question about GC, I do want to finish it...but I'm just
> trying to get a steady paying job in the media industry, whether it'd be
> web development, game development, digital imaging/video, etc. I don't
> really care, just something to get me a steady paycheque.

well, having something like Gundam Century is one heck of a bonus for your
portfolio. goodluck! =)

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