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Yeah it's a different company that's doing the expansion pack. I highly
doubt there's going to be any editors for it though. Still, Relic is doing
something with Homeworld still, "what" is the question. They were hiring
for two projects; one is their "next secret project" aka NSP. And another
project which the original HW team and a couple others are going to start
on soon. I have no idea what though.

I suggested to Sunrise when they emailed me to stop Gundam Century (but
that's not the reason why I slowed production to a grinding halt) that they
should make a Gundam RTS game because obviously it has great merit. Just a
simple Gundam game conversion showed incredible acceptance all over the
world and proved that there are many Gundam potential fans who are
interested in learning more about the saga. Unfortunately, Sunrise and
their Japanese ways are ignorant towards multiplayer online gaming and
their approval towards more boring turn based, Street Fighter wannabes, and
Virtual On wannabe Gundam games are their schedules. Still, I think one of
the reasons which hinders their decision to make RTS games is that PC's
frankly aren't very popular in Japan; consoles and Macs are. So developing
a PC title is kinda useless catering to such a small market. Consoles
aren't versatile enough to support a good RTS title; look at Starcraft
N64...urgh...anyways, I think with the introduction of GWing into the
western market, and if they see that it does well...they might produce a
Gundam RTS game...or Gundam US games. Gundam Side Story 0079 proves just
that...however, according to much of my fan mail, most Gundam games
suck...I guess that's why Gundam Century did so well. LOL!!

To answer your question about GC, I do want to finish it...but I'm just
trying to get a steady paying job in the media industry, whether it'd be
web development, game development, digital imaging/video, etc. I don't
really care, just something to get me a steady paycheque.

>> Actually, I asked Relic themselves (kinda personal friends of mine) and
>> they basically said they initially wanted HW to be customizable and they
>> believe it be more beneficial than harmful to their company. However,
>> way they programmed HW is a slight mixed up and made it so it wouldn't be
>> hackable for cheating. If they had the resources, they would create
>> development tools for mods but they don't have the time for it. At first
>> suggested making a Macross mod for HW and they thought it was a good
>> though they didn't want to release their inhouse tools to me. hehehe
>> Cam Sys made SC modifiable for the gaming community, and is what made
>> Gundam Century possible for me and the public. I recently had an
>> with Relic; about a month ago, and I'm still waiting on the answer.
>> Chances look good, but they believe my skills are a bit too versatile and
>> just need a modeller/animator; over pay me maybe? ^^;;
>hey! I really loved Gundam Century. any plans on finishing it?
>too bad Homeworld cannot be customized. maybe with the release of the
>expansion pack? because I heard a different company will be making the
>expansion pack, is it true? maybe that will make way for an editor or some
>with the release of Gundam Wing in the US, do you guys think there will be
>Gundam PC games? or at least more english Gundam PSX games?
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