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> Is there a list of all the Unifive figures available
> anywhere?

Take a look at the following 4 links, with all 16 0083
figures taken from UniFive (Japan) and eHobbyland's

"Part 1" (UniFive's catalog) - inc GP-01 + Core
Fighter, Powered GM, Zaku F2 (space colors), and Zaku
F2 (desert colours):

"Part 2" (UniFive's catalog) - inc GP-02, GM Custom
(Titans colors), GM Kai (space colors), and GM Kai
(ground colours):

"Part 3" (from eHobbyland's catalog) - inc. GM Cannon
II, GP-01Fb, Cima's Gelgoog Marine, and mass-prod
Gelgoog Marine:

"Part 4" (UniFive's catalog) - inc GP-03S, Gerbera
Tetra, Dom Tropen, and Dom Tropen (desert colours):

You can see bigger photos and ordering details from

> Are these things out of print? If so, how long? I
> saw some on sale here in the Philippines. I'll try
> ask the store if they can dig up more of these for >

None of these are out of print; they are all commonly
available, but do expect popular figures like GP-02
and Cima's Gelgoog Marine sell out very fast. You
should be able to order any of them without problems
at your local model/toy shops. Alternatively, you can
order them from eHobbyland (email inquiry); HLJ used
to stock a few of them, but I've checked today only
the Zaku F2 (desert colors) is available.

Hope this helps,


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