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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Is there a list of all the Unifive figures available anywhere? I need to
> know what's available... particularly if the series has Cima Garraha's MS
> Gelgoog.
> Are these things out of print? If so, how long? I saw some on sale here in
> the Philippines. I'll try to ask the store if they can dig up more of these
> for me.
> Thanks,
> Fed

I know for certain that they were being produced in 1999. Here's what I have
seen for sale:

#1 Gundam GP01 - ??? - beam rifle, shield and back weapon system?
#2 Powered GM - 780yen - bazooka and shield
#3 Zaku II F2 (Green) - 780yen - machine gun and spare commander unit head
#3-B Zaku II F2 (Desert) - 780yen - machine gund and spare commander unit head
#4 Gundam GP02A - 980yen - shield
#5 GM Custom - 780yen - machine gun and shield
#5-B GM Custom (???))- 780yen - ???
#6 GM Kai (Red) - 680yen - machine gun
#6-B GM Kai (Blue) - 680yen - machine gun
#6-C GM Kai (???) - 680yen - ????
#7 Gundam GP01Fb - 980yen - beam sabre & vernier thrusters
#8 GM Cannon II - 780yen - shoulder cannons X2
#9 Gelgoog Marine (Green) - 1080yen - lower external fuel tanks, shield,
#9-B Gelgoog Marine (Cima) - 1080yen - upper and lower external fuel tanks,
shield, beam rifle
#10 Gundam GP03S - 980yen - shield and some attachments?
#11 Gerbera Tetra - 980yen - shield and beam rifle
#12 Dom Tropen (???) - ??? - ???
#12-B Dom Tropen (Desert) - 1280yen - Raketen bazzoka, heat sword, sturmfausts
X2, X2??

Plus 1999 Limited edition clear colour versions of some of the above MS.

This link has pics of most of the above
The Cima Gelgoog , GM Cannon II are shown under 'Set4:GP-01Fb,Gm,MS-14'.

This link has pics not shown in the above link - Dom Tropen, Gerbera Tetra,
GP03S The page has pics of other
figures so be careful not to confuse them. You can see the packaging of the
Unifives ones so you should be able to identify them. First row first two pics
= Dom Tropen, GMs&Zakus. Third row third pic = GP03S. Fourth row first pic=
Gerbera Tetra. Unfortunately some of the pic links are mixed up on this page so
no close ups of the GP03 and the Gerbera Tetra.


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