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Actually, I asked Relic themselves (kinda personal friends of mine) and
they basically said they initially wanted HW to be customizable and they
believe it be more beneficial than harmful to their company. However, the
way they programmed HW is a slight mixed up and made it so it wouldn't be
hackable for cheating. If they had the resources, they would create
development tools for mods but they don't have the time for it. At first I
suggested making a Macross mod for HW and they thought it was a good idea,
though they didn't want to release their inhouse tools to me. hehehe

Cam Sys made SC modifiable for the gaming community, and is what made
Gundam Century possible for me and the public. I recently had an interview
with Relic; about a month ago, and I'm still waiting on the answer.
Chances look good, but they believe my skills are a bit too versatile and
just need a modeller/animator; over pay me maybe? ^^;;

><< hey, anyone here played Homeworld? coz I was just wondering if it can be
> modified into something like the Universal Century Gundam total conversion
> for Starcraft, because I think the Homeworld engine would make a very nice
> Gundam game >>
>I don't think so, due to the fact that customizing a game with 2D rendered
>sprites is a hell of a lot easier then modifying a game to accept new 3D
>models. Personally I'd rather see such a conversion for a game like Tiberian
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