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Is there a list of all the Unifive figures available anywhere? I need to
know what's available... particularly if the series has Cima Garraha's MS

Are these things out of print? If so, how long? I saw some on sale here in
the Philippines. I'll try to ask the store if they can dig up more of these
for me.



From: Nightingale <msn04ii_nightingale@yahoo.com>

> I don't know, but my guess is that UniFive would like
> to fill the void left by Bandai's 1/144 0083 Gunpla
> series. Only the three GP-0x Gundams + Gerbera Tetra
> were released as 0083 Gunpla and nothing else, if you
> don't count the MGs. As a less expensive alternative,
> UniFive's 0083 action figures give fans more choices
> of 0083 MS than Gunpla.
> > how big is it?
> Unifive's 0083 vinyl toys are all 1/220, roughly a
> little more than 3 inches tall.
> > What's the difference between these and the MSiA's ?
> The MSiA figures are avg. 4 inches tall. Compare to
> UniFive's, MSiAs have better colour finishing, better
> joints and higher degree of poseability, plus each
> figure comes with (nearly) full range of weapons,
> accessories, and different sets of hands for holding
> different weapons.
> In contrast, UniFive's 0083 figures are smaller, with
> borderline-average finishing quality, and only one set
> of hands (each with a drilled circular hole) to hold
> an enclosed weapon. Some 0083 figures (like GP-01 and
> GM Custom) only comes with the bare minimum of a
> shield and a firearm (beam rifle and submachine gun
> respectively), while others have only one accessory,
> such as GM Kai has a gun but no shield, and mass-prod
> Gelgoog Marine has a spiked hand shield but without a
> machine gun. This is UniFive's marketing ploy to tempt
> the fans to buy all the 0083 figures to mix and match
> the accessories. :(
> Nightingale.
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