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>>> Have you considered using the Unifive Action
>>> figures instead ?(Or are you already talking about

>>> these) They are 1/220 and they released all the
>>> 0083 MS I think. The GMs that you are after should

>>> all be available. I saw the Powered GM for sale at
>>> e-bay just last month along with a few other GM
>>> variants.
>> I will pre-empt Nightingale( :-) )and direct you
>> to a site with more pics of these figures. They
>> the pics of the Powered GM, GM Custom and the GM
>> Kai.
>> You can buy these figures from this site.
> Just wanna know... whats the reason these "yutaka"
> toys came out?

I don't know, but my guess is that UniFive would like
to fill the void left by Bandai's 1/144 0083 Gunpla
series. Only the three GP-0x Gundams + Gerbera Tetra
were released as 0083 Gunpla and nothing else, if you
don't count the MGs. As a less expensive alternative,
UniFive's 0083 action figures give fans more choices
of 0083 MS than Gunpla.

> how big is it?

Unifive's 0083 vinyl toys are all 1/220, roughly a
little more than 3 inches tall.

> What's the difference between these and the MSiA's ?

The MSiA figures are avg. 4 inches tall. Compare to
UniFive's, MSiAs have better colour finishing, better
joints and higher degree of poseability, plus each
figure comes with (nearly) full range of weapons,
accessories, and different sets of hands for holding
different weapons.

In contrast, UniFive's 0083 figures are smaller, with
borderline-average finishing quality, and only one set
of hands (each with a drilled circular hole) to hold
an enclosed weapon. Some 0083 figures (like GP-01 and
GM Custom) only comes with the bare minimum of a
shield and a firearm (beam rifle and submachine gun
respectively), while others have only one accessory,
such as GM Kai has a gun but no shield, and mass-prod
Gelgoog Marine has a spiked hand shield but without a
machine gun. This is UniFive's marketing ploy to tempt
the fans to buy all the 0083 figures to mix and match
the accessories. :(


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