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>> > 4) Other than the models/toys was there ever any SD gundam
>> manga or anime?
>> >
>> Err.. Anime I seriously doubt it. Manga, probably, somewhere.
>Several OVAs... the first was hilarious.

So are Mk II and Mk III. Mk IV is the one with the 'Wacky Racers' parody
[seriously] and 'the one where they visit the 'real' world' There's Mk V
which has got some seriously weird stuff on it and then they stop numbering
them. There are two different sets of tapes because there's a retail set and
a rental set AFAICT and after the first SD Gundam and SD Gundam Mk II each
story has it's own set of credits so they get mix'n'matched between tapes -
this is confusing.

As to when they came out, can anybody confirm that 'Stormy School Festival'
was or was not shown with Char's Counterattack [I've seen comments that it
was] or that SD Gundam Scramble was shown with F91? Thanks.

Honto no watashi ga hirogaru

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