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> Once again I call upon those GG gurus,
> I started a Zeon game today, after not playing for a while, and I'm doing
> all right so far. However, I want to attack Luna II (as its the only Feddy
> area left in space, along with Side 6), but whenever I try to move units
> onto it, a message comes up, saying I can't. I have no idea what the
> message says (waaaay too much kanj), so can anyone help me out?

    You need to have an operation plan before you can attack those
"strategic points". The game is like this, especially part 1, where you have
to execute an operation plan before you can attack the "strategic points".
You won't be able to attack Lunar Two until you have capture most of Earth,
I believe....

> Also, whenever I end my turn a yes/no window comes up, when I hit yes, the
> turn ends. If I hit no, nothing happens. Anyone know what thats about?

    If I remember correctly, they are just asking are you sure you want to
end the turn...

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