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Sun, 02 Apr 2000 15:05:31 +1200

L. M. Lloyd wrote:

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> As I will soon be getting a Dendrobium, I wanted to get a 0083 era GM
> or two, to accompany it on it's diorama sortie. So the question is,
> does anyone out there have a 1/220 Powered GM, GM Quel, or GM Custom
> they might be looking to part with. My first preference is the
> Powered GM, but as I have no 1/220 0083 era GMs whatsoever, I am
> looking around for whatever I can find at this late date.

Have you considered using the Unifive Action figures instead ?(Or are you
already talking about these) They are 1/220 and they released all the
0083 MS I think. The GMs that you are after should all be available . I
saw the Powered GM for sale at e-bay just last month along with a few
other GM variants.

There doesn't seem to be any GMs for auction at the moment but here is a
pic of the RGC-83 GM Cannon II that's at e-bay right now to give you an

Someone else should be able to tell you more about them. I noticed that
Eddie had some on sale at e-bay as well.


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