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> I need some strategies about a Super Robot Wars game, dunno what it's
> really called, but it was released around 1997 or 98 on the PSX... it's
> called Neo Super Robot Wars... or something like that...
> Well, it has Voltes V, Mazinger, Grandizer and that giant half-dinosaur
> whatever that thing is, some mech that are 3 robots but they kinda merge
> into a big one... and the gundam ms that it has are Char's CC and V
> Gundam. (I really liked the way the Nu's funnels attack and the Buster
> V2's beam cannon and "light wings" attack!
> Now, about the game, there's this stage in the game that i never got
> through... it's a stage that has a "space station" base background...
> that has gold color... and it has something like FOUR PILLARS on all
> four sides THAT LOOK LIKE GENERATORS... well, that's the best i could
> describe it... i actually destroyed all the enemies and there's none
> left, plus i went around the whole stage as in EVERY turn "i walked
> around the park" with my units going around in circles... and still
> nothing!

    You need to move the Shrike Team (the all female MS team from V Gundam)
to the four "generator".

Edmund Chiu

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