Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 1 Apr 2000 13:03:44 -0800

>Got the PG Zeta and so far I am IMPRESSED!!!. I have only built the arms so
>far. It actually hasn't been as hard/grueling as the RX-78, yet not as
>blandly easy as the Zaku. It is actually fun to put together without being
>too easy. Yet at the same time, it hasn't sacrificed any detail at all. It
>is a very healthy balance between the Zaku and the Rx-78.
>One big improvement in my book is that the "eyes" are actually molded in
>system injection. For those who've built the PG RX-78 they will remember
>that you either had to put a sticker on the clear eye piece or else paint it.
> The Zeta actually molds the eyes as transparent, but the face areas around
>them as grey, thus no painting/stickers to worry about.
>So far I would honestly give this kit 5 beam sabers out of 5 beam sabers. IT

What do you think about the transformation system, its use of mechanisms
that locks parts in position, compared to the MG? I can't tell much
without building it.


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