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> Some questions about some certain psx games...
> First off, about Giren's Greed and Front Mission 3... Are those games
> just in plain japanese? are there no english translation? I was supposed
> to buy Giren a few weeks ago, but the thought of not understanding the
> game crossed my mind...
Front Mission 3 was released in the US, so there is an english version

> So is there a possibility that the game will be translated in english
> soon? considering how gw is going on in the US, could there be a
> possibility?
> Also the same about Front Mission 3. I played the first game and never
> got into the 2nd one, but im sure it'll be good... is the one released
> now that sells in most psx shops in japanese or
> english?
> Now, about Macross VFX2...
> The game is soooo hard to play! There's a heck of a difference from the
> first game! The speed controls are different and so is the gameplay... i
> just hit what i can... and i can't get past through the first stage...
> how do i really defeat the X-1?
Word of advice: Use a dualshock.
I had absolutely no luck trying to control a valkyrie with the normal PSX
gamepad, until I switched to the analog mode on my dualshock and had _much_
greater luck. Until you get comfortable with the valkyrie's turning
characteristics, do what I do. Launch missiles at your targets as you get
closer to them. Soon as you fly by them, convert to battroid mode, then
convert back to fighter mode. Since changing your mode will always turn you
around so you are facing your enemy, you can use this to your advantage. Two
quick transformations is MUCH faster than a 360 degree loop.
There is a FAQ for the game at that explains the mission
And yes you really need to defeat the X-1.
> Anybody here have a guide on how to play the game? cheats? movies? VF
> info?
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