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>From: Neil Baumgardner <nbaumgardner@phillips.com>
>> > But seriously. Has there ever been a fan animation project that made a
>> > Gundam hentai?
>> Well, I once heard of something called Gundam 0069, but I dont know
>> more about it.
>0069? :)
>Aw c'mon, is 69 that universal that the Japanese know about it?

Yes. The term goes back to the introduction of Arabic numerals, sometime
in the late 1500s. It was first popularized in France ("soixante-neuf") in
the 1800s and went around the world, along with "French postcards" and
"French kiss" and a number of other sexual practices that originated
elsewhere but became associated with the French because of the
aforementioned postcards and the tendency of the French to speak openly
about sex at a time when Victorian modesty prevailed. Ben Franklin used it
in some of his writings, having picked it up as American ambassador to
France, but it didn't enter the lexicon until 1924, brought back and
popularized by soldiers returning from World War I.

A purely American invention is an extreme form of Mika Akitaka's Les MS
Girls, called Nubile Suit (or, occasionally, Sweet) Gundam or Gundam XXX.


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