Sat, 1 Apr 2000 09:01:46 EST

Got the PG Zeta and so far I am IMPRESSED!!!. I have only built the arms so
far. It actually hasn't been as hard/grueling as the RX-78, yet not as
blandly easy as the Zaku. It is actually fun to put together without being
too easy. Yet at the same time, it hasn't sacrificed any detail at all. It
is a very healthy balance between the Zaku and the Rx-78.

One big improvement in my book is that the "eyes" are actually molded in
system injection. For those who've built the PG RX-78 they will remember
that you either had to put a sticker on the clear eye piece or else paint it.
 The Zeta actually molds the eyes as transparent, but the face areas around
them as grey, thus no painting/stickers to worry about.

So far I would honestly give this kit 5 beam sabers out of 5 beam sabers. IT


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