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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> The system that supplies the power to the Gundam Xs' satellite cannons is located on the moon. It apparently converts solar energy, concentrates it and then sends it in amplified form to the Gundam X unit requesting it, most likely through some sort of microwave emissions, although I'm not sure about this (I've only seen the first 12 episodes). Thus, on Earth, the Gundam X can only fire its cannon at night. Apparently, the onboard power systems cannot power even one shot of the cannon (with good reason, as you have seen how powerful that thing is, and to supply such destructive force must require enormous power). The green panel on the X is, of course, the receiver for whatever kind of energy it is that it receives from the moon.

If that's the case... what does the X need its "solar" panels for? Why not get the energy via the green panel, then shoot away?

> However, I bet that the moon base had trouble supplying power for multiple shots to all those Gundam Xs we see in the opening flashback in the first episode. Prob. why we only see them firing one shot at the dropping colonies.

Dunno, but wasn't there only ONE gundam X, and the others are kinda like X-bits if i remember correctly? The GX itself is piloted by a newtype who is now the "Freiden's" captain... and i remember he has this "cockpit phobia" that was the reason why he failed on intercepting the colonies...

Uh, Maybe the "gundam gurus" here in this list should have technology sites about the technologies of the alternate gundam universe... im kinda sick of all the UC technology and minovsky whatever... (hey, im just commenting... don't take me off the list!)

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