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Sat, 01 Apr 2000 20:30:22 +0800

I need some strategies about a Super Robot Wars game, dunno what it's
really called, but it was released around 1997 or 98 on the PSX... it's
called Neo Super Robot Wars... or something like that...

Well, it has Voltes V, Mazinger, Grandizer and that giant half-dinosaur
whatever that thing is, some mech that are 3 robots but they kinda merge
into a big one... and the gundam ms that it has are Char's CC and V
Gundam. (I really liked the way the Nu's funnels attack and the Buster
V2's beam cannon and "light wings" attack!

Now, about the game, there's this stage in the game that i never got
through... it's a stage that has a "space station" base background...
that has gold color... and it has something like FOUR PILLARS on all
four sides THAT LOOK LIKE GENERATORS... well, that's the best i could
describe it... i actually destroyed all the enemies and there's none
left, plus i went around the whole stage as in EVERY turn "i walked
around the park" with my units going around in circles... and still

To anyone who ever played this game... please tell me what to do then...

IT's kinda an old game, but i wanted to finish it.

if anyone ever has a link to some guide about this game, please send it

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