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Master Asia wrote:

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> >hi all,
> >this could be like comparing apples to oranges, but which BFG is more
> >powerful ?
> >is it the Satellite Cannon Mk 2 of the Double X <GX>, the Twin Buster
> >Rifle of the W-Zero-C <GW:EW>, or the Mega-Cannon of the TG-3 <GW:EW>?
> >in which order would u rank their power ?
> >-henwee
> If you were to ask me I would say the Satellite Cannon... but since I'm only
> basing this on the fact that it looks bigger in the anime, this is just me
> guessing

I'd agree on that!
Ever saw the 2nd or 3rd episode of Gundam X? the thing itself created a created
that looked like a colony dropped into it, and in the process, dissipating a
whole army of zaku-wannabes that was after Garrod!

Well, i've got some other questions about the X's power system... where does it
that tremendous power that even its former pilot fears it? What's the point of
him asking about the moon rising? Is the GX-990's power source based on
something like solar energy? If so, why at night? Is moon-reflected light more
powerful than sun based?

And what's with the "linkup" from that moon base with that green panel of the X?
I think that's something about microwave energy but cant be clear about it...

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