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Sat, 1 Apr 2000 02:35:21 -0500

That movie file is from SD Gundam G-Generaion Zero.
It is the Quest Demo for one of the Gundam Sentinel stages.

Now I am not too sure of what ALICE system is either. Perhaps there are
many Gundam Sentinel experts there who can explain it to you. As far as I
can guess;;; I think it is another one of those Newtype Simulation system
like EXAM from Blue Destiny but I am not too sure. Could anyone explain
more about ALICE system too?


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>I've got a short (64 second long) mpeg of a CGI fight between two SD
>gundams. The filename is EX-S Gundam vs Gundam Mk. V.mpg
>Had a few questions about it.
>1) Where's it from
>2) A couple of times throughout it, the name "ALICE" appears, whats the
>3) Which series are those two gundams from?
>4) Other than the models/toys was there ever any SD gundam manga or anime?
>Thanks ;p
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