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> I've got a short (64 second long) mpeg of a CGI fight between two SD
> gundams. The filename is EX-S Gundam vs Gundam Mk. V.mpg
> Had a few questions about it.
> 1) Where's it from

    From Gundam: G Generation Zero, a great SD strategy game on Sony

> 2) A couple of times throughout it, the name "ALICE" appears, whats the
> significance?

    The kinda 'AI' of the Extraordinarily Superior [Ex-S] Gundam, I guess.

> 3) Which series are those two gundams from?

    Gundam Sentinel. A kickass series, though it was only a graphic novel, or
whatever. You can check it out in the book Gundam Wars III, I believe.

> 4) Other than the models/toys was there ever any SD gundam manga or anime?

    Err.. Anime I seriously doubt it. Manga, probably, somewhere.

    A few simple answers from my limited knowledge of things.

> Thanks ;p


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