Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:04:18 -0800

>I've heard that the US issue Gundam Wing kits have a
>little customer survey card in it.

Yeah, a Business Reply card that will get you tons of junk mail
if you send it in.

>Any other

The bottom half of the box has warning/notices printed in multiple
languages, whereas the Japanese version has nothing printed at the
bottom (outside, not inside the bottom half).

>Are they shrinkwrapped?

Yes. With 2 stickers: 1 red-back sticker that goes across the Japanese
name on the top of the box, and a UPC sticker on the side panel.

>Do they have
>English instructions?

It's a joke. It's a cheaper version of the Japanese manual - you don't
get English translated tidbits on the mecha. Instead all you get is the
assembly diagrams with the Japanese text whited out, with a legends page
that explains the symbols/icons in English. The sheet was printed in
black and white as opposed to the Japanese original's full-color version.
Some hard work. :P


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