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> I probably came across more bluntly then I intended :-( They did have some
> nice pictures but I'm still disappointed with the pictures of the pictures
> of MS. Why couldn't they just take proper pics of all the MSiAs in the
> case ? To go all the way to Tokyo, then to the toy show, and then not to
> take pics of the real thing is a mystery to me... : )

I do not know if anyone keeps up with coverage of shows, but they
a lot of times they usually add more pictures.

> The looks like a professional site and they obviously had the
> resources to send people to the show. Maybe I'm wrong and they just do this
> as a hobby but I expected a little more professionalism with their attention
> to facts and reporting. On top of their mislabelling and dubious info, their
> speculation that the BigZam is 'a good ten inches tall' when other sources
> have reported 40cm/16inches, and the fact that it is obvious from the photo
> that the Azam is much more than twice the height of the MSiA Gundam kind
> of stretch their credibility a bit.

There are several people that report for and at least one of
them, isn't as good as the other. No one is paid to work for, its
basically for the love of the hobby. I get the impression that companies do
not always supply them with enough info. I post Gundam kit and toy reviews to sometimes. Haven't post one in a while, due to scanner problems.
If anyone is interested, just look for Jeff Saylor's name in a report and
click the email him link. I contacted him last year and he let me post
reviews to the site. I'm sure they would welcome more knowledgeable help in
the Japanese toy area. Its large in part due to the fact, that they know more
about American toys then Japanese.

> It doesn't really bother people who know the correct info but I wouldn't
> have too much faith in the news they reported regarding toys from series
that I'm
> not familiar with. : )

They need more people with knowledge of Japanese toys. I'm sure if anyone's
interested in posting info. to, they would welcome the help.

> Obviously it is an enormous and thankless task to cover all the toys let
> alone just the Gundam ones and I too appreciate their coverage but I think
> they could have put in a little more effort and made the report great
> instead of just good.

Their American toy coverage is a lot better. I get the impression that, if
they had access to better knowledge of Japanese toys, the coverage would be
better. I am no Japanese toy expert, but I try to be as factual and accurate
as possible be I post stuff. I thank some reporters for are
better then others.

A lot of the Japanese stuff is posted by Poke Ray and he doesn't seem to have
too much knowledge about Japanese toys. Jeff Saylor seems to cover American
toys mostly. Poke Ray and someone else seem to be the main Japanese toy
coverage people.

I think the quality of coverage depends on the person, though.


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