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> Tomonaga wrote:
> > > Er... Give them a break Tet, yeah they called the PG Zeta the "1/144
> > > M3Z-006" and mislabelled a bunch of other things. But the pictures are
> > > numerous and are all pretty good. I certainly appreciate their coverage.
> > case ? To go all the way to Tokyo, then to the toy show, and then not to take
> > pics of the real thing is a mystery to me... : )
> Actually the fact that they misread MSZ-006 as M3Z-006 suggested to me
> they didn't send anyone further than their parking lot. They are probably
> working from the same bitmap pics that we saw (therefore no Zeta in MS
> mode, and can't read the scale/full title).

It certainly looked like they were just 'reporting' from the pictures but before
their coverage of the show started they claimed that they were actually going to be
there... Maybe they just had someone taking pictures on their behalf and sent back
a note with each one or something. Anyway, apart from the actual pics anything they
'report' have to be taken with caution. : )

> BTW, some site (Action?) identified the mysterious green/brown MSIA Zaku
> as Gato's, can we trust that?

Wasn't it this site ? they had the same pic of the
unidentified alternate green Zaku & prototype Gundam as the Perfect Web.

Gato's Zaku is suppose to be an R1-A and has similar colour scheme to his Gelgoog
i.e Blue/Green.

My guess is that the Zaku is just another alternate colour scheme by a guest
designer. (Something like the Tetsu version).

I don't know what that dark Gundam? to the right of the prototype Gundam is


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