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> So Microsoft becomes a monopoly because the market was efficient
> and it has nothing to do with their predatory practices? You seem
> to know something the U.S. Department of Justice does not know
> after spending years and millions of dollars researching into their
> business practice.

AAARRRGGGHHH. Did Microsoft buy Anaheim Electronics? What does this
have to do with Gundam? BTW, if the justice department never makes a
mistake, then why does a democracy have more people in jail, than
registered voter turnout? I am sure that the justice department has
perfectly good reasons to do what it does, I just see no indication
that the justice department's reasons have anything to do with

> You seem to have ignored the massive layoffs that often lead to
> dissolution after a company has been acquired by a major competitor
> such as Microsoft. Without flaming, I think what you just said is
> probably the biggest disservice and disrespect to the fallen and
> the companies that got their warchests (cash reserve) raided by M&A
> and hostile takeover specialists.

What Mobile Armor is preferred by hostile takeover specialists

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