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> Microsoft's best defense is to acquire a software package that
> competes with something they also make and then turn out "revised"
> versions that are such shit that nobody wants to use them anymore
> and are left with the Microsoft version or just sit on it forever.
> They ruined Softimage.

Softimage has been owned by Avid for over a year now, and Sumatra is
just now detting to market (assuming they don't announce that it was
pushed back again)

> I believe Lotus 1 2 3 was another.

IBM bought Lotus, not MS.

> Their other defense, which does not apply to Disney, is to
> force people to buy their hardcoded-together packages, so you
> *have* to have Internet Explorer if you have Windows, etc. I agree
> with you that most companies don't have the resources to pull this
> but you're naive if you think Microsoft doesn't do this habitually.
> They have to, their actual products are the worst in the industry.

 and what does any of this have to do with Gundam?

Having worked in the anime industry, I tend to agree with the
original post. These are businesses, they might make stupid
decisions, but there is not some evil X-Files-esque plot to bury
titles. I have had dealings with the people bringing over the anime
titles, and any theory that says that the people doing this are
concerned with anything other than their short-term profit margins,
is seriously flawed.

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