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> yes. when you load up the game, it looks for a bit of data that tells
> it what you've unlocked, (factions, movies, etc.). if it doesn't see
> anything it asks you if want to start a save space. But that's not
> enough to watch the movies, you have to win the game first. Then it
> asks you if you want to save the new unlock data. Now you can watch
> the movies you unlocked. Hope that helps.

    Actually, you can save that just by choosing one of the option of system
save while you're in the planning phase (forgot the exact option, but it's
the one for the various options), as you don't have to beat the game just to
save all those movies you have seen. When you first boot up the game, the
game ask you whether to create the save files. If you are really desperate
to see all the movies, just download the utility that let you view PSX
movies on your computer, or if you have those Pro Action Replay that let you
view the PSX movies on the CD, just use that to view the movies....

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