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From: Nightingale <msn04ii_nightingale@yahoo.com>

> I believe what Tony referred to were the planned 2nd
> series of Bandai's "Mobile Armour (MA) Selection
> Series" vinyl figures. Take a look at:
> http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/goods/gashapon/mas/
> in which the 1st series features 5 MAs from Gundam
> 0079: (clockwise) Elmeth, Big Zam, Zakuello, Bigro,
> and
> Grablo. As you can see, the series itself are
> available in either the normal coloured vinyl version
> (bottom pic) or the limited crystal version (top pic).
> Each figure is priced in 300 yens and they were
> available everywhere wat back in January this year.
> If what Tony said is correct, than the new 2nd MA
> series will at least include GP-03 from 0083, G-Armor
> from 0079 TV, and possibly Neue Ziel from 0083 also. I
> wonder what are the other two MAs...

Cool. What size will these things be in? Well, its a cheaper way of getting
the Dendrobium I guess... :)

The things look to be small - but I may be wrong. Which company made this?

> This looks like the White Base's MS dock for the mini
> Gundam model series like the 'Su Gundam' (sic?) series
> or was it the 'Hyper Gundam' series? I've seen this in
> a magazine somewhere...

Cool. Now if they only made a full 1/144 playset of White Base. I can enjoy
the rest of my life...


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