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>> In the 14th row down, scroll down. Is that a GP-03
>> and Orchis kit or toy? I know no Kanji and cannot
>> read Japanese. Can anyone tell what this is?
> That's Chinese. I can translate:
> "Bandai 2000 Spring, price unknown After Zeon MA's
> come the Fed MA's: 0079 G-Fighter & 0083 GP03D,
> should be 5 MA's in total. Rumors have it that
> Gato's AMA-X2 used at the end of 0083 will be one of

> them. The GP03 MS can seperate from the MA.
G-Fighter > can turn into G-Tank."

I believe what Tony referred to were the planned 2nd
series of Bandai's "Mobile Armour (MA) Selection
Series" vinyl figures. Take a look at:

in which the 1st series features 5 MAs from Gundam
0079: (clockwise) Elmeth, Big Zam, Zakuello, Bigro,
Grablo. As you can see, the series itself are
available in either the normal coloured vinyl version
(bottom pic) or the limited crystal version (top pic).
Each figure is priced in 300 yens and they were
available everywhere wat back in January this year.

If what Tony said is correct, than the new 2nd MA
series will at least include GP-03 from 0083, G-Armor
from 0079 TV, and possibly Neue Ziel from 0083 also. I
wonder what are the other two MAs...
>> Also, is that storage racks for the FG Gundam and
>> HG UC Guntank and Guncannon? Its the 8th row down.
> "Bandai 2000 Summer, price unknown
> Gundam docks, looks like fun. Would be cool if the
> scale is 1/144 to fit with FG and HGUC"
> So it seems he (Tony Chi) is wondering about the
> same question. Since I see Guncannon exchanging
> parts (Part B) with Gundam (how dare they!?) on the
> tiny pictures on the left, and I think I see 6 red
> and blue pixels that just might be a core block...
> I would guess these are not HGUC and FG models, nor
> MSiA, but a new line of toys or model kits.

This looks like the White Base's MS dock for the mini
Gundam model series like the 'Su Gundam' (sic?) series
or was it the 'Hyper Gundam' series? I've seen this in
a magazine somewhere...

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