Tomonaga (
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 19:10:12 +1200 wrote:

> Hey how come there's not a single new model at the Tokyo Toy Show?
> Shouldn't we at least see a RX-79G prototype?

Well the Z went on sale during show and that was the only place to see
the finished model. Also there were a bunch of upcoming SD kits on

But I take it you mean previously unannounced model kits.

Since it's a toy show they probably focussed on the new toys instead of
the models and saved the model releases for an upcoming model show? Also
I noticed that with the last batch of MG kits they officially announced
the release on the website(with pics of models) less than a month from
the actual date. Since the expected release date is sometime in May and
the official web announcement probably isn't until late April, the
RX-79G prototype probably isn't quite show ready. And since it was a toy
show, they probably didn't see the need to rush anything.

So I think the absence of the RX-79G protoype at the toy show is probably
bad timing more than anything else.


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