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> Tomonaga wrote:
> > Reading the various articles, reports are a little suspect
> > methinks...they probably had a bad interpreter or something.
> >
> > They completely ignored the three special paint MSiAs visible at the
> > bottom of the display case
> Er... Give them a break Tet, yeah they called the PG Zeta the "1/144
> M3Z-006" and mislabelled a bunch of other things. But the pictures are
> numerous and are all pretty good. I certainly appreciate their coverage.

I probably came across more bluntly then I intended :-( They did have some
nice pictures but I'm still disappointed with the pictures of the pictures of
MS. Why couldn't they just take proper pics of all the MSiAs in the display
case ? To go all the way to Tokyo, then to the toy show, and then not to take
pics of the real thing is a mystery to me... : )

The looks like a professional site and they obviously had the
resources to send people to the show. Maybe I'm wrong and they just do this
as a hobby but I expected a little more professionalism with their attention
to facts and reporting. On top of their mislabelling and dubious info, their
speculation that the BigZam is 'a good ten inches tall' when other sources
have reported 40cm/16inches, and the fact that it is obvious from the photo
that the BigZam is much more than twice the height of the MSiA Gundam kind of
stretch their credibility a bit.

It doesn't really bother people who know the correct info but I wouldn't have
too much faith in the news they reported regarding toys from series that I'm
not familiar with. : )

Obviously it is an enormous and thankless task to cover all the toys let
alone just the Gundam ones and I too appreciate their coverage but I think
they could have put in a little more effort and made the report great instead
of just good.


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