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Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> Yes, and the animation department I believe dissolved after that movie
> was made. WB fucked up. Their promotions were numerous but vague and
> badly laid out. Too bad, I was hoping they'd make another movie in
> the same style. Maybe they still will.

Yes promotion can make a financial winner out of some crappy films, but a
truly good product doesn't need much promotion. Promotion and marketing
is about selling stuffs people don't need. Harry Potter gets zero
promotional budget and is racking the millions in. If Iron Giant is
really that good, it won't need any promotion. Yes if WB had done a
better trailer and other stuffs it would have made more money, but that
won't save their animation department.

> The anime companies have, from what I can tell, far less dummies up
> top sticking their untalented hands in the mix. Their directors seem
> to have a better handle on good stories. What they lack is money to
> ram their product down the throats of the masses. Some seem to have

Sorry dude! The grass only seem greener on the other side. I don't
really want to open another can of worms, but Bandai is not much better
than the big D. Cases in point: 0079 was cut short, and then we get an
endless stream of sequels despite the reluctance of the director.

I think the average anime is no better than the average American cartoon.
But the best anime is far better than the best American cartoon (and it's
an excellent question why that's the case). Bandai, Disney and the big
studios exist to make the maximum return on investment, and most of the
time, that is contrary to making the best anime/cartoon. (at least "best"
in the GML's standard). I am thankful enough that shows like Gundam and
PM leak through their marketing research focus group system once in a
while (once in a decade?).

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