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> It's a hong kong bootleg. You can easily get a copy off eBay, which is
> I got mine. CCA is a great show, and i'm glad i got to see it, but good
> did
> I spend too much money on it. $38US (if I woulda waited another week
> I coulda got it for $25US, but even thats way too much).
> The quality is insanely horrible. If you read the GML archive I reviewed
> it last month, I believe.

is there like an official DVD release of Char's Counterattack in Japan? and
if there is, are there english subtitles?

also, is Anime Village releasing DVD copies of the Gundam movie trilogy,
0083, and 0080? I'm sure future releases will have DVD format, but I want
those classics in DVD.3

by the way, my two cents on F91, I don't like the story that much but I like
the mecha and the action (although I feel there wansn't that many)

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