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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> Okay, let's step back and simplify this a bit. People who don't care about
> B.O. numbers and profits decide to walk into a showing of Armageddon, or if
> an indie film, Boys Don't Cry. This is the majority of the moviegoing
> public. They simply randomly choose a film and pay a few bucks to watch it.
> Going by this, we can determine that more random moviegoers went into a
> showing of Being John Malkovich rather than Princess Mononoke.

That's too simple. I often am with friends who say "Hey, let's go out to a
movie," but I rarely hear them say "I don't care, we'll pick one when we get
there." We always flip through the Calendar section of the newspaper - "Uh,
that one's got Leonardo DiCaprio in it, no way", "I've heard this thing makes
'Mission to Mars' look like '2001'", "Hey, this one's got Jet Li in it!", etc.
I hear this same discussion at the ticket windows from stangers, too. The
simple-minded actually do fall for advertising, so an indie film with less
promotional budget loses many of them in the ocean of trailers for "Godzilla"
or "Episode I". Either way the poorly funded and the shit movies suffer.

> Disregarding how much it took to make the movie and all that, we can simply
> say that as a movie, Mononoke failed to draw in random moviegoers as opposed
> to the similarly promoted BJM.

Animation = kid's movie here, remember. That creates an immediate bias against
it from adults. No name recognition, either, foreign director and such.


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