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On Thu, 30 Mar 2000 19:45:24 -0500, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> > I seriously think Disney isn't that stupid. I mean, here we
> > are, three guys, who probably aren't the biggest economic and marketing
> > experts tobegin with, pointing out that Disney, with all of their
> > and plentiful marketing experts, is wrong. Come on.
> Unfortunately dear boy I work for such a company
> and BEING WRONG has NOTHING to do with
> MARKETING. Marketing is the art of selling the
> thing wether its right or wrong...
> Microsoft has great marketing, and people bought
> lots of Windows 98, which is far more broken than
> the product it replaced, but they had good marketing...

I'm fairly sure I was implying the same thing. I was telling Alfred that
they weren't necessarily wrong, and that marketing was about how to sell the
thing properly. I was saying that Disney was smart, and that they wouldn't
let simple pride get in the way of selling something.

> This was why I was always picking on the guy from
> Bandai's AD agency... their survey couldn't have been
> written by an intern, there were so many questions it
> didn't ask...
> Oh well...

Are you allowed to divulge what company you work for? You need not to if you
do not want to.


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