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On Thu, 30 Mar 2000 16:36:14 -0800, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
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> You may not be aware that I worked for their Animation division for 2
> That does not make me an expert.

Whoa! Doing what? And on what?

 It does give me two years of dealing with
> their mountains of dumb suits. You claim that Disney has educated
> experts. That may be true. But, these marketing experts... they're not
> consultants, see? They are in a sea of other execs, all of them playing
> political game of kiss ass/backstab in order to advance. Not only that,
> of them want to be the guy that Eisner points to when he's ready to blame
> somebody. So they don't take risks.

Okay, so one could argue that they didn't promote Mononoke enough because
they didn't want to take a risk just in case it failed with the promotion.
Not necessarily meaning they wanted it to bomb, but they didn't want to take
Mononoke's failure too hard. Of course, the conspiracy theorists here argue
that Disney wanted Mononoke to fail. Ah well. We're all speculating here.

> The anime companies have, from what I can tell, far less dummies up top
> sticking their untalented hands in the mix. Their directors seem to have
> better handle on good stories. What they lack is money to ram their
> down the throats of the masses. Some seem to have the approach of "If
> build it well, they will come". That's admirable but hard to survive
> the onslaught of American big-funded mediocre movies.

Sure, that may be true, but the anime theatrical releases in America haven't
been all that impressive overall, in terms of storytelling. X, Ghost in the
Shell, and Akira all lack polish and clarity. Well, they're only 4 movies
out of many, you say, but with anime movies like these, any budget put into
them wouldn't have made them more accessible to a wider audience.


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