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Thu, 30 Mar 2000 17:50:58 -0800

> Try using their crap in production, like I am right now, and you'll really
> the sting of lame product. When your Dreamcast freezes on you in the
middle of
> the game, guess why. Windows CE. I seen my friend's do that multiple
> already. No pride having mediocre programmers.

Errmm hold up here.
Dreamcast does NOT run Windows CE.
Its like this, when a company goes to make a game, they can either choose
Sega's proprietary Dreamcast OS and development tools, or they can choose
Windows CE and more PC-like devel tools. In general, the only things you'll
find using WinCE are PC to dreamcast ports. The actual OS the game uses is
part of the GD-ROM disc, WinCE is NOT present on a dreamcast unless the game
producer chooses to use it, and other than ports, I've yet to hear of anyone
choosing it.
So a dreamcast freezing is not neccesarily Microsoft's fault (hey, i'm no MS
lackey, i'm a FreeBSD user, and i'll admit that). In fact, its more than
likely not.
Just keeping everyone informed =)

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