Paul Fields (
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 19:45:24 -0500

> I seriously think Disney isn't that stupid. I mean, here we
> are, three guys, who probably aren't the biggest economic and marketing
> experts tobegin with, pointing out that Disney, with all of their educated
> and plentiful marketing experts, is wrong. Come on.

Unfortunately dear boy I work for such a company
and BEING WRONG has NOTHING to do with
MARKETING. Marketing is the art of selling the
thing wether its right or wrong...

Microsoft has great marketing, and people bought
lots of Windows 98, which is far more broken than
the product it replaced, but they had good marketing...

This was why I was always picking on the guy from
Bandai's AD agency... their survey couldn't have been
written by an intern, there were so many questions it
didn't ask...

 Oh well...


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